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What are FREE Prizes?


During my time at ZEGG, I decided to experiment with a gift economy model for a year. During this time the prices for my work were completely free. The experiment has shown that it is possible and deeply exhilarating to freely give the prizes.

With the move to Freiburg and the much higher cost of living here, I notice that I would like more clarity and reliability with the income from my work. Still, I don't want to give up the gift economy model entirely. I have therefore decided to offer my basic work at fixed prices, but to keep holding events that follow the gift economy model of free prices.

What does that mean?

This means that I decouple the conditions of musts and shoulds that have so far been linked by work and money. That means that you are free to pay what your heart tells you for my work. What you want to give. That can be 0 € if your financial situation is like that. As a guide, I will give you recommendations that reflect the price with which I can cover my costs (e.g. room rental) and take care of my needs in a relaxed manner (e.g. rent, food, health insurance).

If you are currently experiencing financial abundance and can give me more for my work than the recommendation, then it helps me to be able to devote myself fully to this work, to give the prices really FREE and to be relaxed and nourished at the same time.

Why am i doing this?
Why am i doing this?

Because I want to make my work accessible to everyone without being limited by money.
Because I've noticed that the connection between my work and money doesn't feel right for two reasons:
1. Because what actually happens in such an hour cannot be paid for with money and therefore

the price would have to be infinitely high
2. Because I feel rich and gifted at the same time when I do my work, even without money

I am very inspired by Charles Eisenstein's book "Sacred Economics".
This short video on the book gives a very inspiring summary:

That we now, following our hearts,
grow into the world we long for.
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