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... because serenity changes the world

Welcome to 'practice for change'

Change, change and evolutionary development are basic principles of life. I am convinced that as long as we live we humans want to grow internally, mature, develop further and reach our full potential as human beings.


But sometimes, this natural process is interrupted. This can manifest itself in physical symptoms such as tension, restricted movement or pain. Or the ability to be in inner contact with our feelings is weakened and this is noticeable in the relationship with ourselves, our projects in life, or in the depth and quality of contact with other people. ​


My work in the practice for change is dedicated to the inner process of finding your way back to your own truth. Because I believe that if more human beings are connected to themselves, centred and grounded, connected to their bodies, feelings and emotions, then the change we would see in the world would be unstoppable.


My FELDENKRAIS® work focuses on rediscovering the wisdom of the physical body. You experience the interplay of feeling, thinking, feeling and acting and you can find your way back to natural movement and alignment.


My offers in the context of POSSIBILITY MANAGEMENT are about recognizing which thought patterns, emotional entanglements or blockages stand in the way of your full expression of yourself. You regain contact with all four feelings (anger, fear, sadness and joy) and create new possibilities for your life with their energy and information. ​

Thank you for being part of this journey.

I am happy to meet you in my work,

Current courses, workshops, worktalks and more can be found here:


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RAGE CLUB Team November 2023 in Freiburg

"Another world is not only possible, she's on the way
and, on a quiet day, you can hear her breathe. "  
                                                                               Arundhati Roy

You can find more information about my way of working and my offers here:



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In Modern Culture, Anger is predominantly seen as destructive, dangerous, inconvenient, and unprofessional. A constructive approach to Anger as a life force, as Archetypal Energy and Information is not yet one of the things that people naturally learn in their upbringing. The good news: it's never too late to take your Anger back and use it in your life...


Fear Club Ausschnitt.jpg

Fear Club is a safe space to get in touch with your conscious, unmixed Fear. Learning to differentiate Fear as a Feeling from Emotional Fear and exploring as a team what unknown (and unused) territory opens up to you when you use your conscious fear as a force,...

Rage Club Spacehilder Training (German)


We think more Rage Club is needed.

For that, more Rage Club Spaceholders are needed.

This is, what we hold space for.


Good Girl Busters_edited.jpg

Being the Good Girl is nothing else than a survival strategy you may have developed, growing up in a surrounding of patriarchal modern culture. Pretending to be a Good Girl is neither good nor bad. AND, if she is the only option you have, it has consequences. It has costs. You are a slave to this driving force, that lets you limit yourself to the kind of behaviour you assume will be accepted, loved and appreciated by the people around you. Maybe it is time to make that part conscious and try out some other options for you to choose from?

Individual Processes

Possibility Management Processes

As an alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy and as a Possibility Management Coach, I offer in person or online sessions to accompany you individually in your process of gaining more awareness about your inner processes and accompany you in your Emotional Healing. I offer three formats for these one on one sessions: Emotional Healing Processes, Anger Work and Gremlin Transformation Training ...


Feldenkraispraxis Eva Daubert

Feldenkrais practice Eva Daubert

In the FELDENKRAIS ® groups and individual lessons you learn again to notice when you are unnecessarily tensing yourself. With gentle, conscious movements, we playfully explore new possibilities.

You learn to feel yourself more and more clearly. This creates more inner space, grace and ease in your movements.

This new way of dealing with yourself can also open up completely new possibilities in your ways of thinking, feeling and acting ...


 - Susanne -

Eva is a force! She can move mountains with her clarity and open doors while at the same time spreading her arms with her open, soft nature. The Rage Club with Eva awakened new levels of anger in me and enabled me to use this power for my limits and clarity. Today I can center myself and go for myself and my destiny. Thank you Eva for going first  and for your female power!

Rage Club

- Silke -

Through the 'work' in the Rage Club, I have overcome my decades-long shyness of feeling anger, let alone expressing it. I stopped seeing anger as a bad thing. On the contrary, I have experienced anger as a useful clue that something is wrong. Best of all for me was that in some exercises I could clearly feel my own life force at the same time as the anger rising. What a full, strong feeling! And all of this was only possible because Eva did such an excellent job of holding the space of trust, devotion and encouragement for us.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Rage Club

- Alexandra Sophie-

For me, Rage Club changed my whole life. I started one of my deepest transformation journeys to date with Eva and through the team.

She inspired, held me and brought me closer to the topic of Possybility Management and the infinitely valuable work with the power of anger in a very appreciative way. I came very close to myself and my past for the first time in my life and was able to accept many unconscious situations and painful events from my past and transform them internally through her guidance and support. Thanks to this great gift, I was able to regain my centre, my inner strength and my clarity so that I could now take my own life more consciously and, above all, more self-confidently into my own hands.

I can now approach and shape my life freer, clearer and with centered energy.

Muchas Gracias

Rage Club


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