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I love creating spaces for liveliness ...

My life is not linear.

That may be because I could feel at very early age, that some things here in this world could be even more beautiful than what I found. Above all, our connection with ourselves - and thus with one another and with nature.

I decided to understand everything in order to then know how it could be done better, studied biology with a focus on ecology and nature conservation and, as an environmental educator, roamed the forests with groups of children to get them excited about nature. The pain stayed. The realization matured in me that the scientific consideration alone is not getting me anywhere ...

In a phase of reorientation, I landed on a FELDENKRAIS® mat and after a single hour I experienced that I had found more inner clarity and I felt that my body could clearly tell me what to do if I listened to it.

I dived deeper with it, trained as a FELDENKRAIS® teacher for 4 years and found through movement to more awareness and a deep joy in my own vitality. That was and is very enriching and moving. That is why I always find it a gift when I can contribute with my lessons to create a space in which people can experience being more in connection with themselves.


Being alive feels great and has "side effects". Following the inner truthfulness carries the risk of change. It really means not knowing what is coming and not being in control of what is going to happen.


A great new wave of challenges swept into my life. My long-term relationship ended, the longed-for dream of having a family life burst like a balloon and with it all the illusions that I had attached to love. That hurt. I was scared. I didn't know what to do with my anger.


I looked for support in order to learn to navigate the world of emotions even more finely. In doing so, I experienced how infinitely tender and vulnerable some inner parts can be and how important it is to find a companion in a healing process who is simply there with deep respect for the experience of the other person. I didn't want advice, diagnoses, or outside stories. What brought deep healing and what I really wanted was a human being who held a wide space with presence in which I could feel what was to be felt. Not more.


I sometimes found a healing space like that, and often not. That is why I became curious and wanted to research more about the quality that is needed to accompany processes of healing and inner growth.

So I became an alternative practicioner for psychotherapy, looked for a job as a FELDENKRAIS® teacher in the psychosomatic clinic in Erlangen and studied the classic therapeutic approaches there. I visited an annual group in Nonviolent Communication (Marshall Rosenberg) and researched in my work with the therapeutic groups at the clinic how access to feelings can be facilitated in dance and through mindful presence in the body.

Since 2012 my life has been infinitely enriched by my son. I have never learned so much so quickly and became more aware of my limits and patterns than with this little "Zen Master" at my side. In being with him it becomes clear to me what it means to be really alive. I am grateful to him every day for that.

In 2010 I first read Clinton Callahan's book 'Brilliant Joy, Radiant Love'. A door flew open. But I didn't know anyone at the time who was 'crazy' enough to delve into these things, and after I bent my walking stick trying to do anger work on my own and realized there wasn't much point without a team, that first impulse went away with the walking stick back in the basement shelf. But the embers were kindled. In 2014 I attended my first Expand the Box Training. An initiation into the game world of Possibility Management, and into being an adult, which has evolved my life and my way of thinking, yes, I would like to say turned it upside down. Due to motherhood and other circumstances, it took until 2021 for the inner flame, that started to blaze back then, to really generate heat in me. But then everything happened very quickly. Through the global networking work that Clinton Callahan and Anne-Chloé Destremau have done during the pandemic, I am now part of an extremely vibrant, ever-evolving team of 'Possibilitators' supporting each other with the tools and ideas of Possibility Management, the take the next steps, to accompany healing processes, to create events and to become whole as human beings. I am very happy and grateful for that. ​

For me, with the opening of the "Praxis für den Wandel", a year-long wish from my heart has come true. This is where my findings, knowledge and experience from the last few decades of human-being research come together. What seemed incompatible in the meantime (one either has to take care of the ecologically pressing questions or choose the path of awareness and inner growth ...) is no longer a contradiction. Rather, I experience that both complement and nourish each other. I do not know in which direction this project will develop. It feels like a living organism that I am excited to observe it coming alive.

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Eva Daubert

  • Biologist

with a focus on ecology and nature conservation

  • Environmental educator

  • FELDENKRAIS® Practitioner since 2007

with recognition by the

Feldenkrais Association Germany

for FELDENKRAIS® awareness through movement and FELDENKRAIS® functional integration

with courses at the VHS Erlangen and

in Studio3Klang

since 2008 in the

Feldenkrais practice on Schleifmühlstrasse

in practice at ZEGG since 2015

  • 2008-2011 as a FELDENKRAIS® teacher and dance therapist in the psychosomatic department of the clinic on the Europakanal

Individual and group therapy, as well

Specialist lectures and advanced training for psychologists, doctors and nurses on  Clinic on the Europakanal

  • Since 2008 alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (HPG) with a focus on body psychotherapy

  • 2010 annual training in nonviolent communication (Marshall Rosenberg)

  • Regular training and supervision in  FELDENKRAIS® and related methods of body psychotherapy

  • since 2012 mother "in training"

  • Practicing co-counsel since 2013

  • since 2014 researcher with the tools ad distinctions of Possibility Management

When our heart has this clarity - then the way can also be found
Chinese proverb
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