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Fear Club is about consciously getting to know the Energy and Information, your Fear has for you and using it for your life. Making a conscious decision to feel Fear is something very extraordinary. Many achievements of western civilization are aimed at making life "safer" so that you don't have to feel so afraid: Follow the linear path of life (birth, school, job, marriage, house, children, pension, death) and everything will be fine. For every possible irregularity along the way, you can buy the appropriate insurance. With purchasing this, you will no longer have to be afraid.

But there is more: the Fear of making mistakes, the Fear of being left out of the group, the Fear of making the wrong decision, the Fear of not being good enough, the Fear of being fully seen ... the list goes on. These are all Emotional Fears. This means that they have their origin in the past. Something happened back then that was in some way "too much" (too loud, too fast, too much at once, too overwhelming,...). In the original situation, a part of you chose not to feel the full intensity of these Feelings in order to be able to handle the situation. So far so good. What also happens is that now, when a similar stimulus reappears, you reactivate that Emotional Fear. The Fear from back then rises in you again, even if it may not be appropriate in the situation now. You can learn to distinguish whether a Fear is old, that means an Emotional Fear, or whether it is a Feeling of Fear, that means, it arises in the situation now and you can use it to handle things. Either way, your Fear is a portal. If the Fear lasts more than 3 minutes it is an Emotional Fear. It is a doorway to an Emotional Healing Process to fully feel, get conscious about the old decisions you made when you were is so much Fear and to heal the past situation. If it's Fear as a Feeling, it's a portal to a whole dimension of new Possibilities...

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FEELINGS are for DOING things.


EMOTIONS are for HEALING things.

So what is feeling your Fear good for?

Here you enter the unknown and often unused territory of the Energy and Information of your conscious Fear. Fear is there, for example, to

✨ to be awake and alive

✨ stay present on the edge of your comfort zone

✨ do your next move that comes out of nowhere

✨ speak from the unknown

✨ create and navigate intimacy

✨ create something completely new out of nothing

✨ become aware of what needs to be done

✨ invent the life you originally came here for.

Fear Club is a safe space to get in touch with your conscious, unmixed Fear. To learn to distinguish Fear as a Feeling from Emotional Fear and to explore the unknown (and often unused) territory of your Fear in a team.

Fear Club has its origins in Possibility Management.

Learn more here about the origins and background of Fear Club

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