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What is Rage Club?

In modern culture, Anger is predominantly seen as destructive, dangerous, inconvenient, and unprofessional. A constructive approach to Anger as a life force, as Archetypal Energy and Information is not yet one of the things that people naturally learn in their upbringing. The good news: it's never too late to take your Anger back and use it in your life...

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This kind of Rage Work is not about 'getting rid of' or 'shouting out' the Anger to make it go away. Rather, we navigate towards uncovering the blocks and beliefs that stand in the way of your natural expression of clarity and willpower. All feelings are welcome. Perhaps you are afraid to express your Anger, because you have had painful experiences with it? Perhaps your sadness quickly mixes in with your Anger, because you once decided that it is 'safer' for you and others to be sad than angry? Maybe you don't even know how your Anger feels, when it flows through you and gives you the strength to stand up for what is important to you? All of this is welcome and allowed to show up. Rage Club is a safe place to reconnect with the Archetypal force of your Anger and explore new ways of expressing it.

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Rage Club has its origins in Possibility Management.

Learn more here about the origins and background of Rage Club

Rage Club is a space for you to reconnect to your Anger. To make this possible, we work with the Physical Body (with movement, working with resistance, your voice, practicing Anger with a stick, lying and standing Rage), the Emotional Body (the Feeling of Anger-what needs to be said or done? And the Emotion of Anger-what old hurt is there to heal?), the Mental Body (ideas, beliefs and concepts about Anger), the Energetic Body (using your Anger to center yourself, to be grounded and to keep your energetic space clear) and the Archetypal Body (your Anger knows what you're here for).

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...was Teilnehmende über Rage Club sagen...

"Markus und Eva zeigten während des Rage-Club-Wochenendes in ihrer ganzen Präsenz, daß sie leben, was sie unterrichten. Sie vermitteln ausgehend von einer herzlichen Haltung und echtem Interesse an der Entfaltung jedes Einzelnen kompetent verschiedene Tools, die ich auch in meinen Alltag übernommen habe. Ich habe selbst erlebt, wie aufmerksam und feinfühlig sie mich und die anderen Teilnehmer beobachten und eingefühlte Rückmeldungen und Hinweise geben. Alles fühlte sich sehr sicher an. Ich wollte eine Veränderung in meinem Leben bewirken, und das Rage-Club-Wochenende hat mehr als genug geboten, um diese Veränderung auch einzuleiten, und bereits in der darauf folgenden Woche bekam ich Rückmeldungen darüber, daß Veränderungen an mir sichtbar sind.“

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