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FELDENKRAIS®  offers a framework in which new possibilities of movement can be discovered with curiosity and joy. By consciously feeling small movements and playfully exploring new options, unnecessary tension can be discovered and let go.

The method developed by the Israeli physicist Moshé Feldenkrais focuses on the sensory perception of movement habits:

"How do I actually do that?"

The nervous system perceives the finest differences and learns new, simple, easy and elegant solutions. The effect goes far beyond improved mobility. It touches us as a whole person, with our feelings, our creativity and our contact with ourselves.

Who is FELDENKRAIS® suitable for?

You can benefit from FELDENKRAIS®

if you want for yourself

  • health and creativity

  • more well-being and mobility

  • quality and coordination of movement and breathing

  • more serenity in stressful situations

  • an organic way of learning

  • new solutions

  • or just want a refined body perception.

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Group application:
FELDENKRAIS® awareness through movement

In a group lesson of FELDENKRAIS® Awareness through Movement, you will explore the context of movement while lying down or sitting and will be instructed with words.


Moshé Feldenkrais developed a wide range of cleverly put together lessons. In the course of the lessons you will find new ways to move and discover how movement can be made easier and more effortless. The ability to find individual solutions for easier movements and more serenity can then also be used in everyday life.

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Single application:
FELDENKRAIS® functional integration

With an individual FELDENKRAIS® Functional Integration session, I can address your needs in the learning process even more individually. Through sensitive touch and gentle, clear movements - in a kind of dialogue without words - inner connections become more clearly perceptible again.


You learn to recognize where to let unnecessary tension go. You discover a little more of yourself every time and the essentials can unfold.


Appointments by arrangement.

Duration 60 minutes. First appointment 90 minutes.

Cost: € 80.00.

The assumption of costs by the health insurance company or additional insurance for alternative practitioner services must be clarified on a case-by-case basis.

Please wear comfortable clothing.

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For more information on Moshé Feldenkrais and the method he developed, I recommend the website of the

Feldenkrais Association Germany (FVD) at .

"To know yourself
the most important thing seems to me
what a person can do for himself.
But how should you recognize yourself?

By learning to do
not how one should be
but as it is appropriate to you. "

Moshe Feldenkrais
FELDENKRAIS® impressions
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