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'Praxis für den Wandel'

In the arts and therapy center DIVA,

Vauban, Lise-Meitner-Strasse 12,

79100 Freiburg

3rd floor, left, the last door in the corridor on the left


This is where my individual Feldenkrais sessions take place.

'Raum der Stille'

In the district center house 37

Alfred Döblin Platz 37,

79100 Freiburg

Use the side entrance in the west of the building and walk up the stairs. First door at the top on the left.

This is where my ongoing groups and some workshops take place.

Anker 1

'Alter Lokschuppen'

Zechenweg 1a

Freiburg St. Georgen

Here I hold daily workshops on different subjects.

Anker 3
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